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To reach veterans in need, BTG intends to provide private and public organizations that deliver social services to military veterans with the opportunity to supplement their resources to fulfill their respective missions. The public benefit of BEFORETHEYGO™ is to keep the contributions of America's veterans in the forefront of awareness continually.

To deliver on its promise, BEFORETHEYGO, Inc. is planning to develop donors and contributors to veteran causes. Our donors and contributors will be people and organizations that see the benefits of veteran acknowledgement and celebration "before they go" as a cause worthy of their support.

Guardian Out-reach is a fundraising initiative that revolves around specially configured donation collection boxes, placed throughout the United States. BEFORETHEYGO™ plans to generate a continuous flow of funds that it will distribute to organizations helping veterans to cope with problems traceable to their having served and/or sacrificed – disabilities, PTSD, substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness, and…hopelessness!

Our means for executing this fundraising campaign is our Fundraising Associate. For those who are interested, we can provide all of the information and materials about how to become a Fundraising Associate. Not only will Fundraising Associates assist in promoting sustained awareness, they can earn a percentage of the funds their donations stations generate. Finally, BEFORETHEYGO™ wants all readers to know that there are no special requirements — other than your commitment to make a difference — to become a Fundraising Associate.

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