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BTG's second official effort involves producing and hosting an internet talk radio program, called GuardianVoice™. The intention of GuardianVoice™ is to sustain awareness by bringing timely topics and relevant issues to a forum where Guardians and their families can express their views and concerns. We plan to target the American Veteran and "veteran-friendly" segment of the nearly 70 million internet talk radio listeners. Internet talk radio is projected to be in excess of 500 million in four years. Recent technological advancements are ensuring that internet TV will follow close behind.


GuardianVoice™ - Who We Are and Why You Should Listen

Meet the GuardianVoice team and learn about the BeforeTheyGo™ project and its key initiatives—Guardian Park™, Guardian Out-Reach, and Guardian Rewards.


Veterans on the Internet

Explore the many ways the internet is being used by Veterans to improve their quality of life, support their needs, expand their awareness of the goods and services available to them – all by way of the almost-ubiquitous computer.


Veterans Organizations: Vision, Mission, Success

Learn about their veteran support groups, their visions for their groups, their mission, how they are faring and some of the obstacles and difficulties they face in getting their services to America's veterans.


Guardian Park™

Learn about BTG's Guardian Park project from the BTG team. This show will tell listeners what is being planned, how the project will proceed, and how and where people can get involved.


Today's Combat and its Consequences

Combat has changed since America fought in Europe and the Pacific in the 1940's. GuardianVoice™ will explore forms of warfare and technologies that have introduced new injuries the revolutionary medical approaches to address them.


Quality of Life: Physical Well-being

Hear from experts and practitioners about the breakthroughs in medicine, therapy, and rehabilitation that have been invented in the past several years to address the physical damages being incurred in combat.


Quality of Life: Mental and Emotional Well-being

New technologies notwithstanding, combat is horrific and takes its toll mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. You'll hear from both the injured and their care-givers on this most serious and important subject.


Guardian Park™

On this show, the BTG team will talk about Guardian Park™, its project that is creating a memorial park in Southern Nevada as a tribute to sustained awareness of our Nation's Guardians. Learn about what's planned and how you can get involved.


Quality of Life: Relational Well-being

It is no secret that veterans have a difficult time once they come home. Experiences have a way of seeping into communications, marriages, families, social behaviors in harmful and destructive ways. This show will talk to experts in fields devoted to improving the social and relational aspects of veterans' lives.


Veteran Entrepreneurship: From Survival to Success

Get a job? Why not get a business? This show introduces some exciting work being done by members of America's business community to expose veterans to the excitement and potential of the free enterprise system.


Financial Well-being

How can I stand in the future and picture my financial well-being if I don't know what is important and how to navigate the rough waters? GuardianVoice™ will explore options available to veterans with money managers, financial experts, and investment advisors.

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