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(775) 887-4432

Dear Mr. Ward,

Thank you very much for taking the time to update me last week on your wonderful progress with respect to Guardian Park. Since our first discussion on the project last year I have been excited about your efforts to bring this incredible concept to southern Nevada, and seeing how far you have come since has been truly remarkable. Thank you for your time.

The Guardian Park concept that you have spearheaded is an incredible idea, and one that we will continue support to the greatest degree possible. The opportunities for the State of Nevada in the construction of such a collection of monuments could be enormous, providing a tourist attraction for those from great distance, an economic opportunity for veterans seeking employment, and a worthy memorial to those who have served.

As you know, I have had meetings with the state Division of Lands as well as other partner organizations on behalf of this project. Because of your incredible momentum and success to date, I no longer believe that some of those conversations will be crucial moving forward, however. I am happy to reengage with State Lands or others as necessary. As I have said before, I believe that Guardian Park would be a wonderful addition to some of the State's current efforts and I look forward to our continuing partnership. Thank you for your support of our veterans and our service members. Please keep me informed as your project develops.

Best regards,
Caleb S. Cage
Executive Director

Dear Mr. Ward:

Thank you for sharing the concept and background of BeforeTheyGo: America's Memorial Experience during our recent conference call. The mission of the project is one that is certain to resonate deeply with large audiences of veterans and first responders who have dedicated their lives, and citizens who appreciate those who throughout history put their lives on the line, to serve our country and protect our freedom.

Dear Mr. Ward:

We are pleased to present this letter of intent to establish a working relationship as your market and economics analyst and advisor. The basis for this letter of intent is the close fit between the needs of your organization in developing America’s Memorial Experience and our company’s experience and expertise in attractions development. This letter of intent is also based on our understanding of the substantial benefits the project would create for communities in Nevada and the State of Nevada as a whole, its national education and cultural benefits and most importantly the opportunity it will create to honor past and present veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice in defending our nation.

ConsultEcon, Inc. was founded in 1991 to provide services to clients in the areas of project and plan concept development, evaluation, and implementation in the fields of visitor attractions and tourism development. ConsultEcon, Inc. builds on the long experience of the staff in these areas, with special expertise and experience in historical sites, museums, historic ships, and other not-for-profit attractions. Facility master planning is a specialty of the firm.

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